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About Me

Well as you probably have guessed, CNOTE isn't my birth givin name. My name is Christopher T. Nickens, I was born and thoroughly bred in Kansas City, Mo. I am a very family oriented man.....God, family, and TRUE friends are whats most important to me. My love for music began in my early childhood when I would hear my mom playing on the piano that was down in the basement. I also have two brothers that play bass guitar and one that plays the drums, so I guess one could say that I come from a musically inclined family. Though I wanted to learn all those instruments(and still do), there was one that I didn't mention that caught my intrest more than any.

One day my brother Stephen(R.I.P) brought a beautiful tennor saxophone home from junior high school, and when he began to play, the sound that emerged totally mesmerized me. From that moment on I knew that the saxophone was the instrument for me. I was too young to play in school (maybe 6 or 7 years old), so one day while Big Bro Steve was outside playing baseball, or working on his bike, I decided that I would start my career as a saxophonist with his "school issued" tennor and broke a key. Needless to say, Steve taught me a very important lesson in life that day...(we'll just leave it at So when I finally reached the 6th grade and was old enough to carry the responsibility of having my own sax, my parents got me one and put me in music class at William A. Knotts elementry school. Every since that day I have taken my musical gift very seriously. Now as an adult I realize more each day how important music is...not only to me but "The World". I have witnessed with my own eyes, many occasions where music has changed an atomsphere from tense and dull to relaxed and cheerful, and to be an active part in that type of transformation is one of the best feelings I have ever experienced. So with that I must say that I am BLESSED and FOREVER GREATFUL to GOD that he puts breath, strength, and passion in me daily so I can help change this world for the better,,, one "NOTE" at a time.

SORRY, THIS SITE IS UNDERGOING CONSTRUCTION......ISN'T THE WATER NICE THOUGH??LOL...By the way PLEASE leave me a comment in my guest book letting me know about what you think, or how you feel about my music. I would love to hear from you!! GOD BLESS!!!!


Kansas City, MO.